Hank's Spiced

Hank's Spiced Rum

Hank's Spiced is a deliciously balanced golden rum, blending flavours of vanilla, orange, clove, pepper, nutmeg and caramel, to pair perfectly with cola or ginger beer.

70cl Glass | 37.5% ABV | £27

Available to trade in 10L & 25L refill tanks

Hank's White Rum

Classic White Rum, distilled from a base of Caribbean sugar cane molasses.

Perfect for Daiquiris and Mojitos.

70cl Glass | 37.5% ABV | £25

Available to the trade in 10L & 25L refill tanks

Triple B Vanilla Vodka

Our pure distilled vodka flavoured with natural vanilla.

Perfect for Pornstar Martinis.

70cl Glass | 37.5% ABV | £26

Available to trade in 10L refill tanks

Gin 77

Our classic London Dry Gin, with fresh grapefruit zest, root ginger, and pink peppercorns.

Pairs perfectly with tonic and fresh pink grapefruit.

70cl glass | 40% abv | £26

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Passion Fruit Gin 77

A luscious and refreshing gin bursting with the flavours of juicy ripe passion fruit.

Pairs perfectly with Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of fresh lime.

70cl glass | 40% abv | £28.50

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77 Black

Cold Brew Coffee & Vanilla Liqueur

A luxuriously smooth liqueur combining rich roasted coffee and vanilla flavours.

Perfect neat over ice or shaken into a sumptuous espresso martini.

70cl glass | 20% abv | £19.50

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The EM Espresso Martini

Our fully ready to drink Espresso Martini takes the headache out of cocktail making. All you have to do is shake hard with ice and strain into a martini glass. Made with Extract Coffee Roasters whole bean espresso, dark brown sugar and pure vodka, this Espresso Martini is made from the finest quality ingredients and is guaranteed to give you the perfect serve every time.

70cl glass | 14.9% abv | £22.50

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Triple B Pure Distilled Vodka

Our crisp, clean pure filtered vodka, distilled in small batches on our copper pot still. This spirit makes the perfect base for simple mixed drinks and complex cocktails alike.

Try mixing with fresh lime juice, a little sugar and ginger beer for the perfect Bristol Mule.

70cl Glass | 37.5% abv | £24

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**Batch 1 is now SOLD OUT. Batch 2 AVAILABLE NOW.

This liquid is the product of a unique maturation process - we have re-barrelled 2yr Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Lawrenceburg Indiana (Whiskey City, USA) in brand new charred 90L American White Oak barrels right here at our distillery in Bristol.

It is a rich, spicy & bold high-rye bourbon-style whiskey, with all the sweet flavours we love about great American liquor, and with each drop of liquid getting the chance to draw on not one but two brand new charred white oak barrels to gather complex notes of vanilla, raisins and caramelised sugar, this whiskey is truly one of a kind.

Black's Double Barrel. Born in the USA, raised in Bristol.

70cl glass | 42.5% abv | £49.50

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