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Be bold
Have spirit

Modern British Spirit

Small Batch Gin

BDC - Modern British Spirit

Craft Distilled

A gin for the bold, the fearless, the triumphant. For the doers, the seekers, the strivers. It's both serious yet irreverent, assertive yet balanced, spicy yet refreshing. It's like nothing else before it and yet strangely, hauntingly, reassuringly familiar.

Never blend in

BDC - Modern British Spirit

Always Stand Out

Summer sharing


Add Gins Add ice to a jug

Add ice to a jug


Add Cawston Mix equal parts of 1 from each section above

Mix equal parts of 1 from each section above


Add tonics Garnish with fresh fruit

Garnish with fresh fruit


The Oldest English Distillery?

The city's first commercial distillery is established on Cheese Lane in the centre of Bristol. It is believed to have been one of the first in the whole of England.


Free Spirit

The Duke of York visits Bristol to receive the freedom of the city and to celebrate the occasion malt spirit from the Cheese Lane distillery is handed out freely to the population of the city.


Chairman Board

The original Bristol Distilling Company is officially incorporated as a private limited company by Joseph C Board.


Narrow Escape

A massive fire sweeps through the distillery’s grain lofts and barges on the river below. Heroic efforts from Bristol’s fire service mean many of the buildings are saved and production can begin again.


The End

When the blitz came to Bristol in 1940, it was always going to be a long shot that the distillery and its vast spirit tanks could survive. Unfortunately it did not, taking a direct hit on the the night of December 6th, and in a few terrible, fiery hours, centuries of distilling history were razed to the ground.


The Beginning

77 years later we picked the story back up. We are writing the next chapter in Bristol’s rich distilling history.

Without spirit, we are but shadows and dust. Spirit defines us. Spirit elevates us. Spirit breathes life into our hollow bones. In spirit we are moved to act, and our actions build us, piece by piece.

We will be unbound, unbridled, unconstrained. We will strive, we will persevere, we will overcome.

Spirit inspires. Spirit triumphs. Spirit carries us forward, onward, upward. In spirit we are stirred to go beyond, to rise above and to find greatness. To transcend.