Founded in early 2017, we quickly realised we were not the first Bristol Distilling Co. In 1863, Joseph C Board had incorporated the distilling operation on Cheese Lane in the centre of the city under that name. Sadly, that site was destroyed in the Blitz in 1940. So for 77 years Bristol was without a Bristol Distilling Company, hence the importance of the number 77 to us.

In 2018 we built out our distillery site, installing a 500L copper pot still, custom built for us in Lincoln, Nebraska, and in May bottled our very first batch of London Dry Gin. At the first time of asking, our gin picked up an award at the IWSC and we began to pick up local on and off-trade listings in Bristol. Impatient, and driven by a passion for our products to be enjoyed by the widest possible audience, we refused to accept the conventional wisdom that large retailer listings can only come after painful years of slowly building, and we pitched successfully to Europe's largest grocer.

We'll continue to develop the very best spirits we can and deliver them to as wider audience as possible.