Black's Double Barrel Whiskey

We are very excited to announce the launch of our whiskey maturation program and we're inviting you to secure your own unique slice of our history. We're pre-selling our very first batch of Whiskey Black's Double Barrel that will be ready to release in August 2021. This liquid will be the product of a unique maturation process in which we will re-barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey in brand new charred 90L oak barrels right here at our distillery in Bristol.

We plan to create a rich and spicy whiskey with all the bold, sweet flavours we love about Bourbon, giving each drop of liquid the chance to draw on not one but two brand new charred oak barrels and gather complex notes of vanilla, raisins and caramelised sugar.

The whiskey will be bottled in our new, custom 70cl bottle and is available to purchase now either singly, gift packed or by the 6 bottle case. At this point we are placing a limited number of bottles up for sale at a special launch price. Single bottles are £29.50, fancy gift packs £39.50 and 6 bottle cases £169.50.

Visit our webshop now to purchase.

Delivery is not included and will be arranged once the whiskey is bottled and ready for release.

Black's Double Barrel. Born in Kentucky, raised in Bristol.